Five Kingdoms

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The period of the Five Kingdoms was marked by increased conflicts in the region that would become the modern nation of Bavkïrak. Instead of dividing along the clan lines, like in days of old, the lordships were divided among the regions established by the Empire during its consolidation. Internal conflicts amongst the people began almost immediately, dividing the region once again as the land was ravaged by wars. Eventually, at the end of the war period, a pirate lord began to gain control over many of the lordships, establishing his short-lived pirate kingdom, that would inevitably pave the way for the creation of the Republic of Bavkïrak, stabilizing the region and ending the long period of war.

Five Kingdoms of Bavkïrak
Countries merged to form the modern republic of Bavkïrak

Capital Various
Languages Taara, Yvomi
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Historical era Industrial - Early Modern Era
 •  Independence 1 February 1739
 •  United 18 October 1942


Flag of the Tribal Federation of Yvo


Flag of the Tribal Kingdom of Ċilin


Flag of the Tribal Kingdom of Xef

The Isles


Flag of the Free City of Ṡavïr