Flag of Balakia

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Balakia Flag.png
Proportion 1:2
Adopted TBD (original version)
22 January 2009 (current version)
Design A horizontal triband of red, yellow, and red, charged with the national emblem left of centre

The flag of Balakia has three equal horizontal stripes of red (top), yellow, and red. The triband is based on the country's national colours of red and yellow, which are derived from the flag of the Balak Empire.

Interpretation of the colors

Scheme Textile colour
Yellow TBD
White TBD

Colours scheme

History of the Balak flag

Balak Empire

National flag of the Balak Empire (1866-1951)

Rivers flag

Original version of the "rivers flag" adopted by democratic movements (19th Century)

Prior to the establishment of the Balak Empire, democratic and republican movements began to adopt a flag known as the "rivers flag", in part inspired by the flag of the Republic of Hamawan, whose stripes held the same symbolism. This design was a pentaband with five stripes of equal width and alternating colours, three red and two gold, with the gold stripes representing the country's two most significant rivers, the Kashis and Braghak Rivers. A triband variant of the rivers flag with a single gold stripe was used by some movements in what is now southern Balakia and Gushlia, solely representing the Braghak River, although this was later discarded in the former.

Union of Shomosvan

Balak Helsonian Republic

Balak Provisional Government

Flag of the Balak Provisional Government (2001-02)

The Balak Provisional Government adopted a variant of the rivers flag following the Collapse of the Union of Shomosvan, substituting the flag's blue stripes with red stripes to match the previously established national colours of Balakia.

Balak Federation

Flag of the Balak Federation (2002–09)
Flag of Balakia (2009-present)

On [TBD] 2002 a new flag design was adopted as the official flag of the Balak Federation.

Subnational flags