Forian Kingdom

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Sovereign Kingdom of the Four Swords
Milavad Yeruv yZinmitz (Lithian)
Genmilyerû Zinmitz (Rudanian)

Capital Dukrone
Languages Lithian, Serval
Government Parliamentary oligarchic thalassocratic monarchy
First Sovereign
 •  1386–1412 (First) Name
 •  1606–1641 Meidan I
 •  1735–1750 (Last) Name
Legislature Great Council
 •  Established 1386
 •  First international expansion 1449
 •  Incorporation of Heartland Lugida 1507
 •  Collapsed 1750
Today part of  Lugida

Forian Kingdom (Lithian: Zinmitz), officially the Sovereign Kingdom of the Four Swords (Lithian: Milavad Yeruv yZinmitz, Rudanian: Genmilyerû Zinmitz) was a sovereign state and a thalassocratic monarchy in maritime East Soltenna.

The kingdom was established in 1386 through incorporation of Forian Confederation's four core city-states, that being Nataliya, Dukrone, Hagd, and Iáecla. Incorporated in a response to the growing Terminian Empire, the four constituent states established a central monarchy, consolidated and shared naval control of the Amiyant Sea, and established new Forian routes in the Gulf of Sharkunen. In its early years the Forian Kingdom prospered on the trade of salt, and in later years on trade of luxury goods and through wealth accumulated from their control and dominance of several Sharkunen naval trade routes. Much of the amassed wealth is held by Forian merchant dynasties, such as House of Trivito, which drove the Kingdom's expansionist policies. Forian Kingdom entered its golden age in the 17th century under the rule of Meidan I. The kingdom had cultural, trade, and political links with a number of Vaniuan and Ekuosian polities.

The kingdom eventually ceased to exist by 1750 due to various factors, including territorial expansion by Melunair, a navy crippled by engagements in the Taanttu Gulf, and internal strife between Natalian and Dukronian factions. Forian Kingdom has left a sizable legacy in Soltennan history. Forian merchant dynasties continued maintaining some trade routes but as private entities, and in the modern day developed into corporations. Dukrone's core territories Serval and Seret became the modern Republic of Xynderland in late 18th century. Modern Fordas is named after the Forian Kingdom's name, Four Swords, which also serve as the organization's spiritual foundation.





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