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3 player game.png
A 3-player game in starting position
Years activearound 700
Genre(s)Board game
Abstract strategy game
Players2 to 6
Setup time<1 minute
Playing time10 minutes ··· 1 hour
Synonym(s)Ónlus vívu, Natuá bugs

Natuá bugs (Natuá: Fruckê∂ fruckééd (bugs) /fɾuʃˈkeːd/), is a simple strategy game most likely created in Gitsertúc around the years 1300s, and still played in households and other gathering places today in Natuliró and other culturally close places.

The game consists on getting the most of your pieces inside the blue zone, also called Ónlu (pond)

The Game


To play the game, the following materials are needed:

  • Fruckééd board (Hexagonal board with triangular tilings, 4 stripes by side, with pond and starting zones marked)
  • Different coloured sets of 6 pieces for player.
  • Something to measure time (a temporizer, a clock, sun and compass, etc)


Each player is given six bugs (pieces): two ants, two grasshoppers and two spiders. The player will choose a starting zone (the hexagons at the corners), and place all 6 pieces within it, in any wanted array.

A time limit is set by the players

Each player shall aim to get all their bugs inside the pond (the blue zone in the centre). After the given time, the player with the most pieces inside it, wins. If the time ends in a draw, the game continues until the draw is broken.

One bug is moved by turn, and can only walk one tile. Only one bug can be placed in the same tile.

The Bugs:

The bugs

These were originally real dead bugs or their exuviae, but when the game gained popularity, this rapidly changed to painted chips

Every bug can "walk" to a nearest triangle of an opposite colour.

Ívo (the ant)

This piece only walks.

Sívri (the grasshopper)

This piece can jump every consecutive bug in a straight line of adjacent tiles.

Ítsa (the spider)

It can only eat a bug if said one is in an adjacent tile, unless it’s an ant, in which case every direction is possible. The eaten bug returns to the starting zone. Again, its owner can choose in which tile to place it. Any bug can be eaten, even another spider.