Gūw Zhala

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Gūw Zhala
Etymology: White Mountain
 • Total69,965 km2 (27,014 sq mi)
 • Total5,001,419
 • Density71/km2 (190/sq mi)

Gūw Zhala is the secondmost populous state in central Tuanmali. About 5 million people live in the state, primarily around <something> Lake and along the <something> River in the Capital Corridor, a densely populated chain of metropolitan areas leading along the <something> River from the national capital of Wīcos to Gūw Zhala's state capital, Duzrūm. The state has an area of approximately 69,965 km2 (27,014 mi2). While most inhabitants live in the cities of the eastern part of the state, the western part is heavily agricultural and is a major producer of grain.

To the north, Gūw Zhala is bordered by Wulbōn Kil, to the northeast by Ēnad Isras, to the direct east by Mīzhādī, to the southeast by Jozon, to the south by Kulal, Kējalēn, and Getsetē, to the west by Altūnwelēnīn, and to the northwest by Bēdīhod.