Four dynasties (Terminia)

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Four dynasties is a historical term used to refer to the four royal houses who ruled Terminia for almost all of its history since the founding of the Terminian Empire. In order of prominence: the House of Kúri, the House of Telr, the House of Glorp and the House of Olboros.

House of Telr

The House of Telr was the dynasty of the founder of the Terminian Empire, Telr I, descended from tribal leaders around the Cermani lakes. After uniting Utol and the Terminian Isles under one banner in 223, the family continued to rule for 618 years, until 841. It is widely believed that the original dynasty went extinct in the male line, however several noble families claimed to be descendants of Telr for hundreds of years afterwards. Throughout its history, the Terminian Empire was ruled by 3 mostly unconnected Telr dynasties. Most recently, a Telr family ruled in the Duchy of Ti from 1558 to 1683. The surname "Telr" is still popular in the modern day.

House of Kúri

The House of Kúri (or Kúrii) was historically the richest and most influential of the Terminian dynasties. It first rose to prominence in the 6th century, originating as a minor noble family on the Terminian Isles and named after the duchy of Kúri. The family helped to firmly establish the Terminian presence in Amerhan and profited hugely on early trade routes through the Terminian Isles. In 712, supported by a majority of neighbouring duchies, the Kúrii led a rebellion against the incumbent Telr in order to gain the throne of Terminia. They subsequently moved the centre of government and administration to Kúri, where it has largely remained ever since. Although dethroned twice, first in 992 and secondly in 1216, and never returned to power, the Kúrii family remained at the helm of Terminian aristocracy.

House of Glorp

The House of Glorp (or Glorpi) were originally a cadet branch of the House of Kúri, minor landholders in the duchy of Glorp and the surrounding area. After the deposal of the Kúrii emperor in 992, they took advantage of the chaotic second Telr period to grow in power and influence, especially around the east coast of Terminia Major, eventually becoming bitter rivals with the House of Kúri. A short-lived Glorpi monarchy lasted between 1099-1141 after a royal marriage with Empress Telro I however the Glorpi dynasty did not truly come to power until 1216, at the end of a bloody civil war, signalling the start of the Second Empire.

House of Olboros

The House of Olboros arrived in Terminia from Letzia in the late 1400s, marrying into the Telr family and inheriting several Terminian titles. During the Terminian Fracture they snowballed until they eventually reunited Terminia in 1696, where they would rule until the Helsonian Revolution in 1925.

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