Gulai languages

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Ethnicity:Gulai peoples
Northern Nagu
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Gulai languages are a language family of fifteen languages in northern Nagu, primarily restricted to Goal and in particular the area around Lake Goal.


Map of the branches of Gulai within Goal

The Gulai languages are traditionally classified as follows:

  • West Gulai languages
    • Gohayal
    • Goian
    • Cufan
  • East-Central Gulai languages
    • Central Gulai languages
      • Fasa'i
      • Osur
      • Sapan languages
        • Onsol Sapan
        • Makai Sapan
        • Ekes Sapan
    • East Gulai languages
      • Goctol-Mahakalid languages
        • Goctol
        • Mahakalid languages
          • Mahangal
          • Mahakal
          • Macal
      • Northeast Gulai languages

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