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The Hêray also spelled Herey, Haray, Qarey, Qaraj (Balak: Yerec; Vucheshian: Heley; Koman: Hərey) is a mythical creature of Eastern Vaniuan legends and fables.



Many representations of the Hêray depict it with the body, and wings of a bird, typically an eagle, and the head and legs of a wolf.


Great Horde

The Great Horde's banner


In architecture

In literature

Although already appearing in Vaniuan mythology, the Hêray is first mentioned as God's messenger in the Yêcâdan (Zarasaism's holy book). The significance of the Hêray goes well over mythology. It has spread as a symbol of Zarasa's revelations, being adopted as an emblem during the Yeshub, the Hêray also became a predominant emblem during the Great Horde and was often portrayed in war flags.

Modern uses