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Hemesh Peninsula
The pan-Hemeshi flag used by pan-Hemeshi nationalists
Unofficial flag
Locator map Hemesh (peninsula).png
Location of the peninsula (green)
LocationArgeyaz Bay, Gulf of Ishenar
Major islandsKsham Island
Area1,020,890 km2 (394,170 sq mi)
Capital cityKuvsvjad
Area covered191,923 km2 (74,102 sq mi; 18.8%)
Capital cityGemet
Area covered242,983 km2 (93,816 sq mi; 23.8%)
Capital city???
Area covered206,379 km2 (79,683 sq mi; 20.2%)
Capital city???
Area covered379,605 km2 (146,566 sq mi; 37.2%)
Population87,500,000 (as of 2015)
Density85.71 /km2 (221.99 /sq mi)

The Hemesh Peninsula, or simply Hemesh, is a large peninsula located in the southwestern portion of Ekuosia. Initially the home of coast-dwelling fishing cultures, the peninsula was settled permanently by Argeyazic tribes as early as 400 BCE, primarily along the coast. The area was a hotbed of regional variation for more than 2,000 years.



The peninsula was united by the Terminian Empire in 1322 CE, which gave way to the peninsula becoming its own empire after Terminia's decline in the mid-1400s. Hemesh's attempts to reintegrate Saovia were mostly ineffective, not helped by the scheming Algazi League beginning to gain power in the region. Eventually Saovia was reincorporated, but not without flaw.

Since then the peninsula remained politically stable only through relentless compromise with the factions that made up most of the ruling elite, and as a result the Hemesh Empire was never a particularly strong force. During the 17th Century Norjihan managed to use the weakness of the Empire to carve out a protectorate in modern Sroyos. During the 18th century, areas of western Hemesh were conquered by Terminia (who used their rule over Hemesh in the 13-1400s as justification) and Letzia.

During the Great Ekuosian War, Hemesh's monarchy was overthrown by Letzian-sponsored insurgent Korsa Olboros, which supported the Unity side of the war. However, his authority quickly crumbled and in 1950 the divided peninsula was occupied by the new Allied Letzian regime, the Algazi Union, and Kúúlist militias. During the peace negotiations, the peninsula was divided into West Hemesh (including areas which had remained Letzian until the GEW), East Hemesh and the Helsonian satellite state of Orzun.

However, this failed to stabilise the region. In 1962, faced with a linguistically similar but culturally divided population, East Hemesh collapsed into 3 independent polities. Only three years later, the formerly Terminian and predominantly Pashaist region of West Hemesh unilaterally declared independence as Fyevan.