Hexi Ñamba Se

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Supreme Leader
Hexi Ñamba Se
Supreme Leader
In office
8 June 1939 – 10 May 1950
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Personal details
BornHé³xi² Ñą¹³mba³ Se²
(1899-08-02)2 August 1899
Iyasenda,  Quaxin Xun
DiedFebruary 25, 1988(1988-02-25) (aged 88)
Jikhein,  Supreme Commune of Qonklaks

Hexi Ñamba Se (Ndxiixun: Hé³xi² Ñą¹³mba³ Se² [hèˀ.ʃī ɲʌ̃́̀m.bà sē], Kwang: Hè Shiq Nyan Bà Se [hè ʃīˀ ɲã́ bà sé]) was a Xuni politician.

Early Life

Hexi Ñamba Se was born to a relatively well-off family in Iyasenda, and was sent to a Qonklese Haomist boarding school in Eqche in 1909, at the age of 9. There he learned Kwang, philosophy, and various sciences, and took Terminian as an elective course. He graduated in 1917, and worked at a local banking company for three years, quitting to join the Lhã Khu. It was during this time that Hexi Ñamba Se grew to view his heritage with disdain, feeling ashamed to be Xuni.

He rose through the ranks of the Blood-Red Lightning, the Lhã Khu's paramilitary branch, and rose to the rank of colonel by 1933. Having organized Dain Pain's security details in his many excursions across Qonklaks, he was invited to join Dain Pain's inner circle in 1939. After the Invasion of Quaxin Xun, Dain Pain rewarded Hexi Ñamba Se's loyalty by appointing him the high position in the new puppet-government in Quaxin Xun.

Ruling Quaxin Xun

Hexi Ñamba Se was sworn in as the Supreme Leader of Blessed Quaxin Xun, and was promoted to the Marshal of the BRL. Under his administration, he issued a number of reforms that would alter the structure of the pre-invasion Xuni government to closer match that of Imperial Qonklaks. He also heavily promoted the learning of Kwang, and discouraged the usage of Ndxiixun in public life. Hexi Ñamba Se's fluency in Ndxiixun is limited, as he had left Quaxin Xun for Qonklaks when he was only a child. Despite his anti-Ndxiixun policies, he hired a langauge teacher and received regular lessons to master the language.


Hexi Ñamba Se surrendered to the kúúlist joint forces during the Battle of Jikhein, and was moved to a temporary POW camp 12 kilometers outside the city. He spent four years in a re-education center for high ranking imperial officers. There he was exposed to kúúlist teachings and was alleged to have voluntarily renounced his actions during the war. He gave a heartfelt speech on national television, apologizing to the people of Quaxin Xun, and prostrated himself eight times. In late August of 1955, Hexi Ñamba Se was deemed "ideologically correct" and was dismissed from the re-education center. He was given the option to return to Quaxin Xun, but instead wanted to life a quiet life in Qonklaks. Mheiq Ku met with Hexi Ñamba Se at his new residence in Louqlha, Jikhein a day after his release.

Life in Qonklaks

Hexi Ñamba Se, now a kúúlist, joined a local revolutionary theatre group, and acted in various plays depicting subjects from imperial assassinations during dynastic Qonklaks, to events as recent as 1949, during the Battle of Jikhein.


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