Hlung language

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Native speakers15,200,000  (no date)
Language family
Early forms:
Writing systemHlung script
Official status
Official language inQuaxin Xun
CWS codehlg

The Hlung language is a Ngerupic language which is the most widely spoken language in Quaxin Xun, where it has co-official status with two other Ngerupic languages of Quaxin Xun, Ndxiixun and Maypawh.


Unlike its ancestor Mañi, Hlung does not have tone or contrastive nasalization. The nasal spreading system of Mañi evolved into ATR harmony in Hlung.


Compared to other Mañic languages, Hlung nouns are significantly more complex, marking both number and nominal tense. There is also a complex demonstrative system, which indicates gender (masculine, feminine, androgynous, or inanimate), visibility, and directionality (andative or venitive).

The Hlung verb is incredibly complex, rivaled only by the Awatese verb in the Ngerupic family. It marks subject and object, with possible incorporation of the object, multiple applicatives, as well as several tenses, aspects, and moods. Subordination of clauses is done using converb constructions.