House of Status

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House of Status
Fabotna Sedailar
Coat of arms or logo
Lower house of the Kajeth
Term limits
Chancellor of the House
Eul LanaManist party
Since 2015
High General
Sain Kelam, Three Banners
Since 2019
Seats180 memebers
House of Status Liosol 2019.svg
House political groups
Government (82)
  Yellow Coalition
Opposition (51)
  United Right
Other opposition (25)
Length of term
5 years
Party-list proportional voting

The House of Status is the lower house of Liosol's legislative body known as the Kajeth. It is comprised of 190 members, each representing the approximately 95 million residents of Liosol. Currently the House is led by the Yellow Coalition of whom the Hansobel Party is the majority. The Opposition is led by the United Right of whom the Three Banners is the majority.

Major parties

As of the 2019 election the major parties in Lioosl, or the parties with more than ten representatives in the Kajeth are Hansobel, the White Party, Alotol Kuelist Party, the Three Banners, the Liosol First Party, the Manist Party, and Party for the Republic. It is predicted that the Hetan National Front, after combining with the Pomas Independence Party and following the introduction of the 2020 Alotol Constitution, will join this list due to changes in representation.