Hu Kinx

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Hu Kinx
Hu Kinx.jpg
Hu Kinx walking near the slope of the Smoky Mountains.
Born 2009
Smoky Mountains
Nationality  Hux Kham
Occupation Wild Horse
Years active 2009-
Known for Freedom-loving wild horse

Hu Kinx(2009-) is a male wild horse of the Republic of Hux Kham. He is known for his freedom-loving personality and rejection of any taming attempts.

The name of the horse means "Flying Cloud" in the Hux Kham language.


Hu Kinx was born by a team of a wild horses in a grassland on the Smoky Mountains in Hux Kham. When he was young, horse trainers found that he runs fast and has a potential to be a good racing horse, so they caught him, giving him the name "Hu Kinx", and brought him to a stable near Khin Mlak for training.

Although he never tried to attack his trainers or any other people, he rejected all attempts to train him when trainers tried to train him and frequently tried to runaway from the stable, all kinds of awards or punishments were ineffective to him, so after several months of failed attempts, the trainers decided to send him back to the wilderness.

As the horse rejects all taming attempts and his story was written by a local blogger, he has become famous, and people think that he loves freedom much that he does not want to be tamed; after being released back to the wilderness, he has become a leader of a team and has his own children now, and people can still see him occasionally on the Smoky Mountains, in most of the times, he stays within the border of the Republic of Hux Kham, but occasionally people in other countries can also see him.