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Ekolirge (Ikolian)
Ikolirag (Thaaft)
Total population
191,508 (2019)
Eastern Eelgledism
Related ethnic groups
Other Saftian peoplesMherdic ethnicities tree.pngClassification of Mherdic ethnicities

Ikolians (Ikolian: Ekolirge, Thaaft: Ikolirag) are a Saftian Fals ethnic group inhabiting parts of the southern Zaak peninsula in the Fals Empire. The Ikolians are first mentioned by Boorian writers in the 3nd century, describing them as a confederated group of Saftian tribes directly north-east of the Boorian heartland. The Ikolians, along with the As and Messians would later invade the Boorian Empire and cause its collapse. At the height of their expansion, the Ikolians inhabited the entire eastern half of the modern-day Ikolinian Kingdom and south-eastern Asland. Nowadays, they have largely been absorbed into the As population, with only just over 190 thousand individuals remaining that identify as ethnic Ikolians (Ikolinians excluded). Ikolians speak Thaaft; while their native language Ikolian, which went extinct in the 1800s, remains in use solely as a liturgical language.