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Ikalewnesirge (Ikolinian)
Ikolinirag (Thaaft)
Ikolinian priest.png
An Ikolinian priest (1871 icon painting)
Total population
732,842 (2019)
Regions with significant populations
Central Boroso
 Fals Empire682,842
 Fáknir Republic~50,000
Ikolinian, Thaaft
Eastern Eelgledism
Related ethnic groups
Other Saftian peoplesMherdic ethnicities tree.pngClassification of Mherdic ethnicities

Ikolinians (Ikolinian: Ikalewnesirge, Thaaft: Ikolinirag) are a Fals ethnic group of Saftian descent, that inhabit the city of Ikolinis and its vicinity. The group is a subset of Ikolians that emerged in the 14th century and grew increasingly distinct as Ikolinis became an influential city. Due to their historical political influence, Ikolinians have a diaspora that extends across both the Fals Empire and the Fáknir Republic, although these individuals are increasingly assimilating into their surrounding cultures. Ikolinians natively speak Ikolinian, a dialect of Ikolian, but unlike Ikolian which has been largely supplanted by Thaaft, Ikolinians have mostly retained their language, with Thaaft in use as a secondary language.

Emperor Vaykir is of mixed Ikolinian-Farresset descent.