Ikrem Mountains

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Ikrem Mountains
Som Hmir Raw, the highest peak of the Ikrem Mountains.
Highest point
PeakSom Hmir Raw (Šmuoy Kruo, Qgam)
Elevation4,193 m (13,757 ft)
Coordinates61°36′39″N 23°11′11″W
Country Qgam

The Ikrem Mountains are a mountain range in northwestern Soltenna. They stretch from the Khim Peninsula to Sĝkii Ldzaa in eastern Qgam. The Ikrems are not an an especially high mountain range, their highest peak being Som Hmir Raw, which reaches 4,193 metres (13,757 feet). The origin of its name is ultimately unknown, though it is believed to have derived from a Nuar language.


The Ikrem mountains are a very ancient mountain range, thought to have been formed some 1.1 billion years ago in the [Proterozoic Era]. The mountains are of such an age that all volcanic and seismic activity are now entirely nonexistent.