Interimperial Nevira

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Interimperial Nevira



Capital Not specified
Languages Neviric languages
Religion Qurosism, Iovism
Government Not specified
Historical era Classical
 •  Dissolution 1524 Enter start year
 •  Incorporation 1611
Warning: Value not specified for "common_name"

Interimperial Nevira refers to the region of modern-day Nevira and parts of the Povan Union between the fall of the First Neviran Empire in the 16th century and before the rise of the Second Neviran Empire in the 17th. There was no unified political entity covering this area or even a majority of it, and it it saw frequent conflict among the ununified small states.

By the mid-16th century, the short-lived Republic of Sheme of the delta area became the main regional power and slowly consolidated power from other city-states and rural areas through alliances, trades, and warfare, and eventually adopted the identity of being the successor state of Nevira. It later served as the administrative centre of the Saruan Empire.