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International Congress
(International territory)
Official languages Nonea
Type Intergovernmental organisation
Membership Most of Sahar
 -  Secretary-General Algazi Union Dhahńat Sejar am-Panak
Legislature Congress of Nations
 -  Bosato Conference 1956 
Currency Various
Internet TLD .ic
a. All languages spoken on Sahar are accepted as working languages of International Congress.

The International Congress (IC) is an intergovernmental organisation aiming to promote international cooperation as well as maintaining global peace and stability, monitoring international crises and creating a global network of diplomacy and information. Founded in 1956 as the Bosato Treaty Organisation in response to the Great Ekuosian War, the International Congress aims to prevent such a conflict. It now has (number) member states across the defined 17 regions making it the world's largest intergovernmental organisation. The International Congress headquarters is located in the city-state of Bosato where the compound is subject to extraterritoriality. Serving as the prominent figurehead of the Congress is the secretary-general, currently held by Dhahńat Sejar am-Panak of the Algazi Union since 2017.

The main deliberative body of the IC is the Congress.



In 1953, Ekuosian parties of the Great Ekuosian War convened to establish the Council for Ekuosian Peace and Stability (CEPS). Talks continue between both sides of the war along with several interested parties and as a result the Bosato Treaty Organisation was founded in 1956. Its members include Allied powers, including the Kuulist bloc, the Charter and the Kingdom of Szezkia; Unity powers, consisting of Lugida and Qonklaks; as well as member states of CEPS and other parties such as the Sovereign Order of Hajenired and several Vaniuan countries. These countries comprise the founding members of the International Congress.

The organisation's goals are set out in the Bosato Declaration: to prevent such an armed conflict as the Great Ekuosian War, to be the principal mediator to global conflicts, and to provide peacekeeping missions to areas of conflict across the globe.


Nations not party of or largely unaffected by the Great Ekuosian War in South Baredina, Boroso and Miraria soon expressed interest in joining the Bosato Treaty Organisation as it was founded, and in 1961 the organisation voted to expand the organisation's reach in providing international peace and order outside of Ekuosia and Soltenna, regions the organisation was meant to serve. Thus two years later in 1963 the organisation was officially renamed the International Congress.

On January 20 of 2019, the Imperial State of Komania renounced its position as a core member of the International Congress due to conflicts with Liosol concerning the Gushli Succession Crisis. Despite the validity of Komania's claims, the IC backed the declarations made by Liosol delegates, including possible threats over an "assassination" of emperor Mishanli Oshar, under the belief that instituing a Koman monarch would reduce Gushlia's sovereignity. Further claims marked Komania as "ultra-conservasionist" and pointed Komania's actions as an "intervention". Such series of events led to the voluntary withdrawal of Koman membership, joining Vosan in highlighting IC impotence.



Also known asInternational Congress
TypeDeliberative organ
Speaker ?
Membership[number] delegations

The Congress is the primary deliberative body of the IC which proposes, debates and votes upon resolutions. It is made up of delegations from every member state of the IC, numbering [number], which means that every nation has equal representation. However, the "one state, one vote" power structure has been criticised for potentially allowing states representing only a small minority of Sahar's population to pass important resolutions. The Congress is presided over by the Speaker of the International Congress. Its powers are to oversee the IC budget and to make non-binding recommendations in the form of Congress Resolutions.

The Congress convenes four times every solar year at the IC headquarters in Bosato. The first session was opened on the 21st December 1961 by Prince Lorros of Nyatol.


The International Congress has regional units which operate in each of the defined 17 regions of Sahar.

IC Peacekeepers

Qonklese peacekeepers in formation.

The International Congress Peacekeepers is a multinational security organization made up of volunteers from various militaries from member states. Qonklaks currently has the most amount of volunteers, with over 20,000 peacekeepers deployed worldwide.

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