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TheologyRadical Dualism,
World to come
Adriah (Orthodoxy)Livj Ile
FounderThe Prophet Iovi
Origin2nd millennium BCE
Modern day Azerin
SeparationsOrthodoxy, Reform, Ignizian Reform, Aorelian Mysticism

Iovism is a dualistic religion, centered around the prophet Iovi—from which the name of Iovism is originated—and the gods Hosha and Muhe. Iovism is founded on the 2nd millennium BCE in modern day Azerin. Iovism has also influenced a number of other religions in and outside of Ekuosia, most notably Pashaism and Thaghaism.

Iovism believes that the world is created by the two gods, that are Hosha and Muhe. Hosha is seen as the god of fortune, and Muhe is the opposite. However, neither of the gods represent good nor evil, and both are seen as necessary to the balance of the universe.