Iovist genocide

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The Iovist genocide was a genocide that incident happened in North Baredina during the 1850s and 1920s aimed at Iovism followers. It is a reason for the rarity of Iovism in the land of present-day Ebo Nganagam is not common while it is in the neighboring Barradiwa.

It is known that more than 100,000 Iovists were killed, and many other people were forced to abandon or hide their Iovist faith, and many local Iovist organizations became secret organizations until 1995.

As a consequence of the genocide, Iovism faced a decline in the land of present-day Ebo Nganagam; moreover, Iovism and any other "non-native" religions were banned there before 1995. However, after 1995 when the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam was formed, the ban was lifted. The god and the founder of Iovism were also distorted as treacherous devils by local beliefs.

Despite the fact that the genocide was led by Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham, a country built by Hux Kham people in Baredina, Hux Kham people and local peoples generally have a negative view towards to the genocide, even those who live in Baredina and even while the genocide was carried out. A survey done in the late 1850s showed that most ethnic Hux Kham people in the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham opposed the genocide despite the fact that many people also thought that Iovists had become a problem for the Republic.

Soon after the genocide was carried out, the congress of the Republic of Hux Kham received a letter from Troh Wan-Mek, a jeweller and businessman living in Myak Kham, which described the genocide on Iovists by the government of the Republic. Dip Kham-yu, the head of the senate of the congress of the Republic of Hux Kham, was very angry about what had happened in Myak Kham. Dip Kham-yu said "Our people who emigrated to Baredina have started something evil, we can't tolerate that, and we must help those who are oppressed by our relatives, otherwise, I think people around the world will call us 'The Finks'. I suggest we pass a law to help those people in Baredina." Because of the effort of Dip Kham-yu, the congress of the Republic of Hux Kham passed "The Iovism Rescuing Act", aiming to rescue the Iovists living in Myak Kham. Although the rescue was interrupted because a civil war broke out in the Republic of Hux Kham, they successfully saved about 10,000 Iovists. These Iovists became the basis of Iovists living in the current Republic of Hux Kham.