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Iɥtaawsúttudu harbour from across the river
Iɥtaawsúttudu harbour from across the river
Etymology: Place of the rose
Nickname(s): Iɥɥu
 • Total589.16 km2 (227.48 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total239,489
 • Density410/km2 (1,100/sq mi)

Iɥtaawsúttudu (pronunciation: Standard Achiyitqan [ʔɪʃtɒ:w'sút:udù], Tsaavalu Iɥaasúudu [ʔɪʃɑ:'sû:ðʉ̀]) is the second-largest city in Achiyitqana and in Tsaabkulbaa state. It is located at the mouth of the NAME river on the southern shore of NAME bay on the Achiyitqan Sea.


The modern name means "place of the rose" or "city of the rose," after the wild roses that grow prolifically there. In modern times many cultivated varieties of roses are also grown there, many ornamentally but primarily as a food item (for its fruit, the rose hip).


Geography and climate

The city is located where the NAME river meets the Achiyitqan Sea. The area is rather flat and relatively thickly treed with conifers and woody shrubs (notably including the wild rose). The climate is subarctic. Winters are long and very harsh, but summers are fairly warm and the growing season is of a decent length.


Iɥtaawsúttudu is well-known within Achiyitqana for its three annual ten-day rose festivals. The first (Iɥtaattuseulq) occurs with the blooming of the wild roses in late spring, the second (Iɥiqqaseulq) at the height of the cultivated rose season in late summer, and the third (Iɥtaawséulq) in late fall with the ripening of the rose hips. Each of these events involve public shows, live music, and open-air markets with rose products, and are well-attended by tourists.

Other towns and villages in the region typically have their own smaller rose festivals as well.




International relations