Jəkhaba Castle

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View of Jəkhaba Castle

Jəkhaba Castle (Koman: Jæqaba), also known as Jəhuk or Jəhôk, is located on a high mountain summit near the village of Askhar, in the Samar Holy State.


The castle was built in the 6th century CE by unknown Bodnian tribes. In 890, the castle came under the occupation of the Tûr Mekhar Khanate and was gradually settled by Mishar tribes. The castle served as a resting point for travelers and merchants in an area considered hostile, facilitating trade to nearby settlements. In 1049, the castle was partially occupied by Kothlen troops as an outpost for border territories, however, by the 1100s the castle was completely abandoned due to droughts. The castle was again occupied by the Great horde and fortified in 1307 by Ashar where 3 sections extending to the east wing were added. It was fully integrated into the Tamğahat fortress network and served as an outpost until the Sah revolts of 1487, when the castle was captured by Sahdi rebels. It remained heavily contested until Asharid troops laid siege to the area in 1503, regaining the castle and restoring full authority in the region.

The castle underwent several restorations until 1657, with the fall of the Great Horde. It was then repossessed by the Misharam Khanate which lost it to the Order of Arashins in 1729. The castle and the adjecent village of Askhar remained under authority of the Samar Holy Order until its full annexation by the Ashar Mizarate in 1801.

While the castle has been largely left abandoned, several sections of it have undergone various restorations since the 1970s, this was possible thanks to the initiative of the Samar Holy State to restore its cultural and historical legacy.

The castle can be reached through a stone road left from the town of Askhar.

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