Jozon City International Airport

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Jozon City International Airport

Jozon Kuluh Abjān Mudetsa Krolod
Airport typePublic
Owner/OperatorJozon City
ServesJozon, Tuanmali

Jozon City International Airport (Azen: Jozon Kuluh Abjān Mudetsa Krolod), commonly referred to as Jozon City Airport (Azen: Jozon Kuluh Abjān), is the busiest airport by cargo volume in Tuanmali, just ahead of Zimri International Airport serving Wīcos.


Always a major shipping hub by sea, Jozon was quick to capitalize on the benefits of cargo flights, and the volume of flights soon outstripped the capacity of the city's single airfield, the original Jozon City Airport, to manage. In response, the city funded the building of a second field named Æslin Airport, after the current mayor of Jozon. At the time, both airfields almost exclusively handled domestic air cargo, flying goods from Jozon's sea ports to other parts of Tuanmali. However, facing the increasing volume of air cargo throughout the world, in YEAR Jozon pivoted once again, opening Æslin Airport to international cargo and passenger flights. Following this change, the airport's name was changed to the International Jozon City Airport, while the previous Jozon City Airport was renamed to the Domestic Jozen City Airport. This has not been confusing for anyone ever.