Jwa An Zaiq

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Jwa An Zaiq
Native nameRua Ang Zeq
BornRua Zeq
Amyãw, Bai Paw
Died1911 (aged 48–49)
Cause of deathnatural causes
Resting placeAmyãw
MonumentsJwa An Zaiq Temple
OccupationPolitician, former pirate
Known forwell known Qonklese pirate
Notable workLife on the Waves
Criminal chargepiracy
Criminal penaltydeath penalty
Criminal statuspardonned
Parent(s)Dai Choun (father)
Piratical career
NicknameA Zaiq
AllegianceKai Lyĩ Fleet
Years active1882-1901
Rankfleet commander
Base of operationsDraconic Sea
South Qonklese Sea
CommandsKai Lyĩ Fleet
Battles/warsBattle of Ni Kwai Bay
Later workpolitician in Qonklese Republic (1903-1911)

Jwa An Zaiq (Kwang: [m̥eɪ̄ˀ kú]) was a pirate and a politician in Qonklaks.

Early Life

Military Service

88th Revolutionary Division (Ngonku)

Communal Qonklaks


Personal Life

Religious Views


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