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Katrakhiva (K2)
Hal Katrakhiva-V rolling stock just off Natlia Minachi station
OwnerHatrigan Lugia (Lugid Railway)
LocaleLugida, Kadya
Transit typeHigh-speed rail
Number of linesSee list of lines
Began operation1970
Operator(s)Hatrigan Lugia
System length2,800 km (1,700 mi) (main lines)
Track gauge1,320 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄3 in)
Sharkunen gauge
Electrification25 kV AC, 60 Hz overhead catenary
Top speed350 km/h (220 mph)

Katrakhiva (Lithian: /ˈkatɾaχɪva/ "rapid train") or simply K2 is a network of high-speed railway lines serving Lugida and Kadya. It is the flagship train of Hatrigan Lugia. The network was initially built to alleviate traffic congestion between growing Natlia and Eldin. Now K2 is marketed as an alternative to flights and a commuter rail network serving largest cities. In addition to the main lines, K2 also operates several spur line and higher-speed rail services to serve lower-demand routes such as the Khemon K2 between Kirna and (city).

Since the opening of its first line, Chagail K2 in 1970, the network has expanded to consist of 2,800 kilometres (1,700 mi) of largely dedicated lines, going as far as Tosed and Eájed in Kadya, with maximum speeds of up to 350 km/h (220 mph). Several future lines are planned, such as the Kifrit K2 extension from Misha to Malgint and Nurkaila, and there are further plans to incorporate K2 into Soltenna's international railway network.


By early 1960s the post-war economic miracle brought large numbers of people to the rapidly growing Natlia-Eldin corridor (Midan metropolitan area). Ridership on the Khere Main Line, the region's fastest reserved seat service at the time, and other lines serving the corridor rose rapidly. In response Hatrigan Lugia began removing level crossings still present along the line to increase its capacity and introduced a limited express service called Khere Rapid. With the approaching prospect of the track reaching capacity, the Ministry of Transport in 1964 began looking for construction of a new railway serving the region.

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