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View over residential blocks in Kaisren
View over residential blocks in Kaisren
Sovereign Terminian Dominion
Country Kaisen
Province Wirinxam Peninsula
 • Total856,438
Time zoneUTC+7 (Western Milevic Time)

Kaisren (Kaisen: Xažam /xaʑam/) is Kaisen's capital, second-largest, and easternmost city.


The name Kaisren in Terminian is thought to be a regional inessive form of Kaisen.

In the Kaisen language it is referred to as Xažam, which is derived from "xažiz noxam" meaning "distant by the bay". This refers to Kaisren's original purpose as an outpost of the North Milevic clans.


Kaisren was likely founded in the 14th century by North Milevic settlers venturing westwards, although it may have existed as a pre-Milevic habitation previously.

It grew from a small outpost to a major trading port under Terminian rule, mostly ferrying trade within Milevia while larger ports in the south traded directly with the Empire. Due to its central location it served as a de facto administrative capital for Terminian Milevia until the referendums on Milevian sovereignty 1876. The independence of the eastern half of the colony resulted in a population exodus, and Kaisren was rapidly eclipsed by [unnamed city] and Eresa (which had already been the de jure colonial capital).

Nevertheless, its historical relevance and popular support for Kúúlism led to it being chosen in the 1940s as the provisional capital of Kaisen, after the Pashaists revolts resulted in Eresa breaking away as part of Czisilia. Its status as capital city was cemented in the 1971 Kaisen constitution.