Karakat Confederation

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Confederation of Karakat Communities
Guun Virg Huldkej Karakat
Flag of the Coalition
From left to right: Akiainavas; Diairias passage near Autaras; Muset valley; hills near Arvasaras; hills by Boodriair
Official languages Karakat, Saavdis
Ethnic groups (2015)
Demonym Karakat
Government Directorial confederation with local-level direct democracy
 -  Imperial Overseer Musas Aragarruun
 -  Formation 1784 
 -  2015 estimate 1,000,000-2,000,000

The Karakat Confederation (Karakat: Guun Virg Karakat, IPA: [ˈgu:n viɾg kɑˈɾɑkɑt]; Saavdis: Fréggóton Karakat, IPA: [ˈfɾe:g:o:tɔn ˈkɑɾɑkɑt]), officially the Confederation of Karakat Communities (Karakat: Guun Virg Huldkej Karakat; Saavdis: Fréggóton Giltag Karakat Y,) is a province of the Fals Empire, between 1765 and 2015 an independent confederation of village councils situated directly north of the Empire in the Powderlands. It includes NUMBER constituent areas and covers an area of NUMBER with a largely humid subtropical climate. Its capital and largest city is Akiainavas, having a population of 57.105. With NUMBER inhabitants, the Karakat Confederation is the NUMBERth most populous province of the Fals Empire, and has a rapidly increasing population which the Confederation is actively encouraging to colonize the Powderlands. It was absorbed into the Empire in 2015 following a referendum among both countries' populations.

The history of the confederation can be traced back as far as the beginning of the 18th century when increasing pressure between Pels and Karakat populations resulted in a number of severe ethnic conflicts that led to a civil war, resulting in Pels victory. Ruthlessly the Pels infiltrated the Karakat lands, leaving half the native population dead within only ten years' time, followed by the exile of all surviving Karakat in 1748. Within a year, 80% of the population was removed from the conquered region; though a small stream of emigrants existed for the next twenty years. The remnants of the Karakat population that remained in their original habitat gradually became incorporated into Pels culture over the next century. In 1748 the exiled Karakat formed a loose coalition of villages that successfully negotiated an agreement of safe passage with the Pels Kingdom for all Karakat refugees wishing to emigrate. Negotiation about resettlement with other countries proved unprofitable, with not even the Ikolinian Kingdom prepared to allow the refugees in. Finally, the Confederation was forced to resettle the refugees in the Powderlands, a previously uninhabited region north of the Pels Kingdom. Hostilities between the Pels and the Karakat populations ceased shortly after when most Karakat were resettled. From this moment, the role and necessity of the Confederation dwindled and quickly declined to a merely official existence, with the village heads only convening in Akiainavas six times between 1780 and its absorption into the Empire in 2015, and each time only for matters of great impact or importance. Governance over the country gradually became decentralized and completely local. This non-presence of a political entity or interest combined with a low population, small industry and insufficient infrastructure contributed to the Karakat Coalition being completely ignored or avoided for almost 200 years to such an extent that often it would not even be present or as much as mentioned on Imperial maps and documentation.

However, with the increase of the Karakat population, the discovery of silver in the NAME hills, and concerns of foreign annexation; the Empire and the Confederation have hammered out a treaty for its absorption as an Imperial province. The treaty was formalized and set into action in October 2015 and guaranteed the Confederation's status as a sovereignty (above an ethnic land and colony) within the Empire, placing it at an equal level with the Pels and Ikolinian Kingdoms.