Kasingadh lakes

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Kasingadh Lakes
Kasingadh loc.png
The Kasingadh lakes in Ekuosia
Location Barradiwa
 Ebo Nganagam
Etymologykasi ŋađ, 'many shores'
Primary inflowsTBN
Primary outflowsTabiq River

The Kasingadh Lakes (Kavahiri: /kasiŋað/, Adzamasi: /kaʝɪŋgað/), also known as the Great Oasis, are a system of several small freshwater lakes in the Ekuosian desert at the borders of Barradiwa, Ebo Nganagam and Tabiqa which make up part of the Ekuos river system, being one of the major feeding systems for the Tabiq river. They are in turn fed by the Anuxaz river which originates in the Puzimmese mountains. The lakes are of great economic importance for the surrounding regions and are home to several large cities including Kostenbad and Ziathi.

The Ebo Nganagam region of the Kasingadh Lakes region is where the earliest identified human remains have been found on Sahar. The region indicates permanent habitation and agriculture dating back to early prehistory.

Most of the lakes and the surrounding region once made up the Kavahiri Kingdom between about BCE 980-340. They have since been owned by the Adzamic Empire and fought over in more modern land disputes between the three countries they touch.