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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Parornithia
Order: Azniyan
Suborder: Ocalaformes
Infraorder: Negyanaformes
Family: Anyanidae
Subfamily: Anyaninae
Tribe: Anyanini
Genus: Anyan
Species: A. zarnaa
Binomial name
Anyan zarnaa

Kavs (natively Kavrinhäk) are a race of massive sapient birds of prey with an upright hominid stance (alongside other humanoid features, such as opposable thumbs) that are indigenous to the Borosan nations of Lhavres and Urabor, wherein most Kavs consequently make their residence in the former. There are approximately 160 million Kavs worldwide, making them the third most populous sapient species on Sahar (behind humans and Fals).

Etymology and definition

The word "Kav" comes directly from the Kavrinh tribe, which historically was responsible for uniting all Kav-dominated realms nearly 1,800 years ago into a single state known as Kavrinia. Their dominance over the rest of the Kav population was so thorough that foreigners began calling the entire species "Kavs".

The binomial name "Anyan zaranaa" means "original intelligence bird-person" and comes from the Kavrinian language. The genus name "Anyan" comes from the Kavrinian affixes -an "person affix" and -yän, a suffix for bird names, whilst the species name "zarnaa" comes from z- "proto, ur-, original" and arnaa "intelligence".

Habitat and population

Of the 160 million Kavs worldwide, around 108 million of them live in Lhavres, primarily concentrated in Lhavres's western half. Czuczlhayaa has the highest Kav population of any city in the world, at around 14 million of its 15 million total population. The second largest urban Kav population is in Konaacza, the historical capital of Kavrinia, with around 11 million of the city's population of 16 million (approximately 17 of every 25 citizens) being a Kav. Kavs are the majority species in Urabor (22 million), and others live in diasporas throughout the world. There are also large Kav communities living in Goal, Nanghung, Qazania, Tuanmali.