Khewam Complex

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Khewam Complex
Khewam palace.png
The Red Palace
Alternative namesKhewam Palace
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical Asharid, Asharid architecture
Town or cityShanvan
Current tenantsEmperor of Komania
Construction started1623
Design and construction
ArchitectDabas-e Zadavan

The Khewam Complex (. AZANNAYEH MIZARÆH ., Azannayeh Mizarəh; "Abode of Kings") is a 135-hectare complex built by the Asharid monarchs, located in Shanvan, Komania. Today, it serves as the official residence of the Emperor of Komania. It is directly adjacent to the Shajandar district near the boundaries of the Shanwan metropolitan area.

The complex includes over 100 hectares of Koman gardens, natural forests, galleries, palaces/mansions, and ceremonial gates.


Present use


Gates to the complex

Following traditional Asharid palatial layouts, the complex has 4 main gates, all with specific symbolism and designs.

  • Messaram Gate, from which the Emperor of Komania enters the complex.
  • Barah Gate, 'Balak Gate' facing the eastern portion of the complex.
  • Marble Gate, the main entrance for visitors and commoners.
  • Sun Gate, a ceremonial gate facing south.

Main buildings

Inside the Khewam Palace, central dome.
The Niham garden, with statues from Koman mythology.
  • Teshah Palace
The Teshah Palace, official residence of Messara Mishanli Ashar and Empress Usun Ashar.
  • The Emerald Palace
The Prince's House, official residence of Asharid princes.
  • The Shakhaba Palace
The Marble House, official residence of Asharid princesses.
  • The Shanvani Palace
The Shanvani Palace, former residence of Tamshahsar-era Asharid rulers.
  • The White House
Courtier’s Palace, currently used by government-sponsored visitors, officials and nobles.
  • House of Mirrors
Palace of the Galleries, arts and handcrafts gallery, with historical possessions of the Asharid dynasty.
  • Museum of Tamshahsar
Tamshahsar Palace, former residence of Emperor Tamshahsar, founder of the Ashar Mizarate.
  • House of the Amendment
Government Palace, used by government officials for state visits.
  • Palace of the Emperor's Mother
Usual residence of the emperor's widow or mother, in case of premature death.
  • Military Gallery
Used to showcase historical Koman military expeditions.
  • Administration of the complex
Administrative Palace, used by staff for administrative matters.
  • Sakhan Palace
Prince Sakhan Palace, named after the son of Messara Hatamzar Ashar.
  • The Military Museum
Used to showcase military ventures by the Ashar Mizarate.
  • The Khadaz Museum
Museum of Glory, used to showcase the history of the Ashars.

Palace of the Emperor's mother

The Emerald palace

The Shakhaba palace