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DiedApril 11, 683(683-04-11) (aged 76)
Cause of deathAcute liver failure
OccupationPhysician and researcher
Academic work
Sub disciplineAnatomy and surgery

Kiinnum (Achiyitqan: /ki:n:um/) was an Achiyitqan pioneer of early modern medicine, specifically in the realm of anatomy and surgery. Kiinnum and their cohorts are credited with creating the first medically accurate anatomical texts and illustrations, correctly outlining the major and some minor organs, all bones, the muscles, and the venous systems, for both humans and vodholk. Their discoveries are known from copies of their own original works, and their life through the writings of contemporaries, including students and coworkers.


The birth name and any possible childhood names of Kiinnum are unknown. Some sources indicate that as a young adult they went by the name Mtáwegliyic (/mtáwɛglijitʃ/, 'eager butcher'), only taking the name Kiinnum around the age of 30, when they were apprenticing as a healer. (One assumes that the previous name might come off as alarming to prospective patients.)

In all Achiyitqan sources the name Kiinnum appears alongside a plural case suffix, indicating that the proper translation is 'red hands,' obviously referencing their occupation as a surgeon. As such, in Achiyitqan the name always appears as Kiinnumsa, Kiinnumt, Kiinnumtila, and Kiinnumkeya. In foreign language references, they are often referred to with no suffix, and therefore technically in the singular (red hand) ; other languages yet chose one of the various case/number suffixes to treat as the regular ending, or added an ending native to their own language.

In modern times, typically Kiinnum is known mononymously, without any need for specification. However, the name sometimes appears in longer forms, such as Kissic Kiinnum(-sa) Násignettuka (Healer Kiinnum of Násignettu).

Early life and training

Kiinnum was born in the winter, likely in 606, in the small fishing village of Násignettu in northwestern Achiyitqana. It is known that the village received regular visits from traders and nomadic herders, including occasional vodholk groups. Kiinnum likely developed their original interest in anatomy through the butchering of fish and game, and simple veterinary care of the caribou herds.

Due to the limited nature of education in the 600s, Kiinnum did not have access to any medical training until around 635.

Kiinnum was intrigued by the similarities and differences between human and vodholk physiology and were pressed by the age-old question of whether the two might constitute the same species after all. Furthermore they felt that it was necessary to have a more accurate picture of the structures and functions of a typical body in order to better understand the symptoms and failures of an ill or failing body.

Medical research

Studies in anatomy

Advancements in surgery


Several of Kiinnum and Ɥkuukayóɂon's students went on to form the Hállqitt Kissicceya Aciyka (Medical University of Aciy) in Kiinápsk.