Kingdom of Vogia

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Kingdom of Vogia


Capital Tülüsoo
Languages Vogian
Government Absolute Monarchy
 •  1672–1695 Dohäğäş Kosoohäğ
 •  1794-1804 Kovyüvor Tülvarüü
 •  Established 1671
 •  Disestablished 1804

The Kingdom of Vogia (Vogian: X) was a former state in Northern Vaniu that existed from 1672 until 1804 where it was officially reformed into the Vogian Empire.


Following the collapse of the Great Horde in the mid 17th Century, the Red Vogians grew to become an influential minor power within Vaniu. With their capital city of Tülüsoo located on an island within Lake Melkanchuta, the trade wealth of the Duchy of Tülüsoo began to increase, no longer stifled by constant tributary payments to the Asharids. By the 1660s it became clear that the other Vogian groups could not compete.

Expansion and rule

As Tülüsoo became a major trading power in the area, the rest of the Vogians either voluntarily joined the kingdom or were easily stamped out. Under King Dohagas Kosoohag, the Vogians would quickly carve out a large polity from the chaos following the end of the Great Horde. The Vogian War, between the Red Vogians and the Green Vogians was the last major step towards unification, the war lasted from 1670-1672 and ended in an sweeping victory for the Red Vogians. Following the unification of the major Vogian groups, Vogian expansion became focused on the East. The X River Valley became a prime target due to its reputation as a breadbasket. The Vogians were able to use their power and influence to threaten the duchies of the area into vassalage, leaving the area free of any devastation that came with traditional warfare. The various states were eventually consolidated into the Kingdom in 1685.


The Kingdom of Vogia was not structured as conventionally as the polities surrounding it. The Kingdom of Vogia was a union state, where various historical regions of the kingdom were granted various historical rights and freedoms, while ultimately being subservient to the head region around Tülüsoo. Broadly, the kingdom was divided into X historical components: the Red Vogians’ Domain, the Green Vogians’ Domain, the Blue Vogians’ Domain, X. The exact borders of these areas were not always clear, and could fluctuate with the changes in local nobility.

Reform and the Vogian Empire