Kingdom of Yachiro

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Kingdom of Yachiro
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Rumukyo
Languages Yachiroese
Government 1599-1801 Absolute Monarchy

1801-1905 Constitutional Monarchy
 •  X-X X
 •  1899-1905 Uyàloŋàt Fechmùychasŋò Hùrì
 •  Unification of Yachiro 1599
 •  Overthrow 1905

The Kingdom of Yachiro was a former state in what is currently Yachiro that existed from 1599-1905.


The Kingdom of Yachiro was established by X in 1599, after a 105 year-long period of division, civil war, and death known as the Charù Chúfèchém Period. X made many reforms in an attempt to prevent such a period of bloodshed from happening ever again. He banned the use of all swords outside the high ranking classes, such as the Ŋuyachà (Caste of highly skilled warriors), and the outlawing of literature outside of Soltenna. X's reign wouod go on to establish the prosperous Sêsmú Chî Period ("Years of peace"), and would allow his dynasty to endure into the 20th century before its collapse. X is celebrated as a hero in Yachiro to this day.

17th Century

After the reign of X, his son, X, came into power. Progressing on his father's reforms, X implemented the policy of Fèrfa Nûŋíŋ ("No connection"), which would see Yachiro completely isolated, though an acception was later made for Qonklese officials. This isolation left Yachiro's way of life completely untouched, essentially a relic surrounded by the modernizing states of Soltenna.

18th Century

While the monarchy still wielded absolute and divine power, the royal court eventually grew corrupt and uninterested in governing, in their place, the Ŋuyachà established a military government that claimed to enforce the king's will. This military government, however, was only interested in collecting tax, as after the Charù Chúfèchém Period, most Ŋuyachà were unable to find work and pay. The treated the lower classes harshly, and their brutal regime would last until the First Yachiroese Revolution in 1801.

War with Anapa

After the Ŋusoyì Incident in 1782, X.

19th Century

First Yachiroese Revolution

20th Century and overthrow