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Kiorians are a collection of human peoples speaking Upper Borosan languages that live in Central Boroso, most notably in and around the Fáknir Republic and Fals Empire. The term "Kiorian" is used to describe the speakers of many Upper Borosan languages previously held to be closely related, but which according to recent research may in fact span more than one phylum of the language family, and as a result is a catch-all term which depending on the context may not have a strict definition. The name comes from Thaaft Kyoor, which in turn was loaned from Fáknir Kiuri, after Kiursi, the name of an extinct Kiorian tribe from the northern Fáknir Republic.

Despite possibly belonging to separate branches, it is thought that the ancestors of the Kiorians migrated into central Boroso together or in short succession somewhere around 1000 BC. After their arrival from the north-west, they expanded southward into the Katar basin and beyond, largely displacing or subjugating the native Aktari Fals populations. Other groups expanded eastward and settled in the Zaak peninsula, and also further north-east. The Kiorian migrations brought about the near eradication of the Fals species. At the height of their dispersal, Kiorians encompassed somewhere around a hundred tribes and ethnicities, and were the largest presence in Central Boroso for almost two thousand years. Since the last 1500 years, the amount of Kiorians has reduced to between ten and twenty thousand, following the expansion of the Fals into Central Boroso. Nowadays, only a small fraction of those groups still exist, with the largest two, the Bedehi and Miwasi making up 97 percent of all Kiorian speakers, although they are scattered over large areas. Additionally, there are at least twenty known Kiorian languages with 50 or fewer speakers in the Fals Empire and Fáknir Republic. All Kiorian languages and cultures are considered endangered, in part by emigration, assimilation into Fals cultures, or oppression from Fals.