Kosel of Vargas

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The Vargas Province (Gilt Vargas), formerly the Kosel of Fáráv (Kosel Fárávir) is a province of the Fals Empire, situated west of the Pessin Mountains, and was absorbed into the Empire following a referendum among both populations in 2015.

Vargas province has a population of ~830.000 and is situated mostly at the western coast of Borosoo, around the river Maraistüü, which hosts a number of settlements including the capital Fáráv with a population of 60.212, and Süfer with a population of 35.092. Most of the province is subject to a semiarid climate that –with sufficient irrigation– allows for an extended growing season.

The region which is contemporarily the Vargas province was first colonized by the Fáknir, who saw their golden age in the late 15th century and the rest of the 16th century; before being overtaken by the Ikolinian Kingdom. Settlers moving ever westward encountered the Pessin mountains and settled in these regions, their future children would explore and settle in the land beyond. The Fáknir found the area was inhabited by a number of human tribes that according to notes and writings spoke a language similar to Ngutanese. It is presumed that the arrival of the Fáknir provoked an aggressive response after a number of Fals settlements were erected among native settlements. Eventually, the situation spiraled out of control and devolved into a genuine race war, taking the lives of disproportionately many Fals settlers compared to the natives' loss of life. Before long the Fáknir colonists organized a militia and drove out most of the natives, and gently pushed on north and south along the coast and firmly secured the newly colonized areas. The Fáknir Kingdom somewhat later decided to post a military presence, which secured the region for the Fals for good.

A long period followed in which the natives were gradually dislocated, both forcibly and voluntarily, and now live both north and south of the provinces, their languages grown apart. Their population numbers have only grown meagerly due to their primitive lifestyle, and are now heavily outnumbered by the Fals. Currently, the province has the status of Colony (Gilt), placing it below both an Ethnic Land (Hütaa) and a Sovereignty (Teekmunast)

The region began taking on the role of a trading hub between the Fals lands and the Ngutanese people to the north-west, and has served so ever since. Because of the relatively low population of the region, annexation has never been a matter on the Empire's list until negotiations between the Empire and Karakatland sparked the interest of the Kosel of Fáráv, and steps were made for its annexation.