Kugante Fortress

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Kugante Fortress
Kughā́ntē (Cananganamese)
Kugante Fortress.png
A segment of the Kugante fortress
General information
Architectural style
Construction started731 (731)

Kugante Fortress is an 8th century fortress located in , Sarsa. The fortress' foundations were begun sometime between the 2nd and 3rd month of the third year of the Badasa era. The fortress was originally built as a means of protecting the Cananganamese frontier against organized raids from Sarsan city states and kingdoms but was later incorporated into the greater Lunar wall project, a project that would organize a solid wall structure along the entire width of lowlands of the original Sarsa-Ukutanajan border.


The fortress was originally built in the Badasan era as a deterrent for Sarsan incursions, before later hosting a settlement of the same name. This settlement was renowned in the area as being a secure place to trade along the western coast of Nagu. While the fortress itself dominates the area, it eventually fell into disrepair by the early 14th century as its occupants either left the settlement or were destroyed by the Sarsan and later Ukutunajan kingdom. The fortress would later suffer further damage as the Ukutunajans were forced from the original border as Sarsan forces retook the region.