Kunjut Crisis

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Kunjut Crisis
Part of the Dissolution of the Balak Empire

Imperial defeat

 Balak Empire  Shomosvan  Kunjut

The Kunjut Crisis was a series of events spanning from [TBD] until [month] 1963, constituting part of the conflict between the government in exile of the Balak Empire and the emergent Kuulist Union of Shomosvan.


Establishment of the Union of Shomosvan

In 1952 the Kuulist Union of Shomosvan was established in the midst of the Vaniuan Golden Wave, controlling mainland Balakia and Gushlia. This event prompted the relocation of the Imperial Government to Sonka, from which it maintained control over the Empire's colonial possessions, with the hope of eventually retaking the mainland as had been done during the Balak Civil War.



Kunjut independence

War crimes