Kuulatir Y Küftsüün

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Kuulatir Y Küftsüün
Imperial Railway
IndustryRailway transport, Logistics
FoundedOctober 2, 1850 (1850-10-02)
HeadquartersVliir Rikeeli Sekelir, Ikolinis, Fals Empire
Area served
Fals Empire
Key people
Móit Viýerthraxtir (CEO)
Hardar Zain (Imperial Overseer)
ProductsRail transport, Cargo transport, Services
RevenueIncrease $26.276 billion (2014)
ProfitIncrease $0.14 billion (2014)
OwnerFals Empire Fals Empire
Number of employees
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Kuulatir Y Küftsüün (IPA: /ˈku:lɑtɪɾj kyfˈts̪y:n/), abbreviated as KYK, is a Fals railway company. Headquartered in Ikolinis, it is a privately-owned company, with the Fals Empire being its single shareholder. KYK describes itself as the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Boroso.

Kuulatir Y Küftsüün (literally "Iron Path of the Empire") came into existence in 1852 as the successor to the former royal railway of the Ikolinian Kingdom, at the time only consisting of a single-track railroad between Ikolinis and Fordáy. It also gained ownership in 1880 of the railway assets of the Royal Pels Railway and the Haral Railway Coalition.