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La Pop, Li-Pop, or A-Pop is a growing music phenomenon originating in Liosol.

Solo Artists


Born to a Ryoseullan mother and Kadic father, Ama Hikyato grew up in the thriving Alotol City. Inspired by the urban sounds in her city, Hiki decided to sign with Sol Entertainment at age fifteen and released three singles in Chanlosol. After little commercial success, Hiki decided to go abroad for a few months with her family in Kadya and Lugida. Upon her return Hiki decided to try again. This time, she recorded her first album in Lithian, while keeping elements from Alotol City.


In Chanlosol

"Sounds of the City", "Exit", "Simply Clean - Single", "Return, Please - Single"

In Lithian

"This Love", "Azure", "Heart FM", "Spectre"


Group Acts



  • Tet Achen, "Chen" - Vocalist, Visual
  • Kant Najan, "Mosta Rap" - Main Rapper
  • Minh Suka, "Suka" - Rapper
  • Jeun Hona, "J-Hona" - Rapper
  • Pak Chimchem, "Moji" - Vocalist
  • Li Taehan, "T" - Vocalist
  • Jeun Jeunkol, "Jeunkol" - Main Vocalist