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"Lahiri" redirects here. For the language family of the same name, see Lahiri languages.
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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Lahan, Jute, Lower Ekuosia, and Asuranesia
The Thap languages, Kaiyyo, Neviran, Shohuanese, other Lahani languages
Related ethnic groups
All Ekuo-Lahiri people are distantly related

The Lahiri peoples form a macro-ethnic group descending from common Ekuo-Lahiri ancestors in Baredina. The Lahiri peoples constitute around half(?) of the modern native population of Lahan. A small diaspora of Lahiri exist as well in Nevira and the rest of Lower Ekuosia, as well as other bodies on the Saru sea including Jute northern Ystel.

The Lahiri first arrived in Lahan around BCE 4000 via the Sañu strait, marking the third (or more) successive waves of large-scale migration from Puzimm to Lahan. They brought marked advances in agriculture, architecture, and toolmaking with them, allowing them to set up (small) permanent settlements, displacing the earlier inhabitants in many choice areas.

Today most Lahiri speak Lahiri languages and Neviran and/or Shohuanese, due to the legacy of colonialism by those two powers. Many also speak non-Lahiri Lahani languages.