Lake Khuda

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Lake Khuda
Khuda (Azri)
Kes (Ekuostian)
Lake Halaria
Lake Khuda.png
A view of the Azri shore
Lake Khuda location.png
Location of the Khuda between Azerin and Barradiwa, with cities in the area listed.
LocationEkuosia, Baredina
Coordinates2.7°S 25.1°E
Primary outflowsKhuda River
Basin countriesAzerin
Max. length465 km (289 mi)
Max. width362 km (225 mi)
Surface area77,731 km2 (30,012 sq mi)

Lake Khuda, also known as Lake Halaria, is the largest lake in Baredina, and the fifth largest lake on Sahar. It is bound by two countries, Azerin and Barradiwa.