Lake Soltenna

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Lake Soltenna
LocationSoltenna, Miraria
Coordinates42.3°N 6.3°W
Primary outflowsCuáma River
Basin countriesHux Kham, Kadya, Liosol, Riyana
Max. length497 km (309 mi)
Max. width429 km (267 mi)
Surface area98,512 km2 (38,036 sq mi)
SettlementsHux Mlak (Hux Kham), Giocam (Riyana)

Lake Soltenna is a large lake located in central Soltenna. It is the second largest lake in Miraria by area, being only smaller than Lake Melkanchuta but larger than Yerlan's Lake Cábertros. It is bound by Hux Kham and Liosol to the north, Kadya to the east, and Riyana to the south. The region of Soltenna is named after this lake.


Although it is unknown how Lake Soltenna and the region it is in got their shared name, it has been proposed in recent years that it came from a morphed version of the Chanlosol word "setole."