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Native name
  • Shipbuilding
  • Engineering
  • Leissgulod Háawuleissqitsqu Ŋó.n (Háawuleissqits Submarine Co.)
  • Siɥúumu Shipyard
FoundedJune 4, 1991 (1991-06-04) in Háawuleissqits, Achiyitqana
HeadquartersTigáatgiaqits, Achiyitqana
Area served
North Miraria and East Miraria
  • Ships
  • Research submersibles
  • Recreational submersibles

Leissntogic (Achiyitqan /lɛiss̩n̥tógit͡ʃ/ "deep-diver") is a major Achiyitqan engineering and manufacturing company the designs and builds ships, submersibles, docks, shipping bays, and other coastal and aquatic projects. It operates out of Háawuleissqits, Onpihásga and Tigáatgiaqits in Achiyitqana.


It began in the 1950s as the Háawuleissqits Submersibles Company, exclusively as a design firm for submarines for scientific research and military reconnaissance, and began manufacturing its own models at the Siɥúumu Shipyard in HLQ by 1955. In the early 60s HSC shifted its goals and purposes away from military clients and towards public and private clients, focusing more on scientific research vessels and underwater engineering for vehicles and buildings. In 1991 HSC and the Siɥúumu Shipyard Company merged to form Leissntogic.

Recreational products

Since its rebranding in 1991 Leissntogic has offered leisure vehicles for private individuals, tour companies, and municipalities, including personal watercraft, personal submarines, and tour group submarines. These products are shipped worldwide. Most leisure submarines by Leissntogic are only intended for depths down to 12-20 metres, with a few ranging down to 140m, but are slimmer, faster, and more maneuverable than scientific vessels (various gardes of which are proofed down to 10,000m).

Public sector engineering

Since 2004 Leissntogic has had two larger public sector engineering projects funded by the Achiyitqan government working to develop off-shore wind farms. So far neither project has been determined successful as no efficient method has been found to protect the wind mills from the motions of arctic pack ice. The company has come under fire for its failure to deliver on these projects and the Achiyitqan government has refused to fund a third attempt.

Leissntogic employees have also been on advisory panels for several bridge construction projects in Achiyitqana.