Letso-Terminian script

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LanguagesSee Languages using Letso-Terminian
Time period
c. 500 CEpresent
Parent systems
Child systems
Various Letsatian and Terminian alphabets; also Palm leaf Terminian and indirectly Mani syllabary and Yachiro syllabary

The Letso-Terminian script is an alphabetic writing system widely used across Sahar. The script is directly descended from the Imperial Letsatian script, which was originally used to write the Classical Letsatian language. It is natively used to write various Termic and Letsic languages in western areas of Ekuosia, the most widely spoken including Terminian, Lestzi, and Veridian. Due to Ekuosian colonialism in the 14th – 19th centuries, and the influence of Lestzi and Helsonian culture in the 20th century, the script was also adopted by various languages in Akulanen, Soltenna, Parshita, Boroso, Puzimm and Vaniu. It is also one of the three official writing systems of the Ekuosian Union, and is widely recognised and understood even in countries where it is not the primary writing system.

The original script has 28 base characters, however a significantly greater number have been created for adaptation to different languages through ligatures, diacritics and modifications.