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LPB Lague logo.png
Logo of the LPB League.
Highest governing bodyLPB League
ContactPermitted (limited)
Team members9 per side
Mixed genderNo
TypeTeam sport
EquipmentBow, Bracers
Country or regionWorldwide


A 'ronjo' is typically played with nine players on each team although players can be swapped out in the event of elimination. Each team plays for thirty minutes on one side then take a ten minute break, after which they resume on the opposite side. Three of the four players for a team carry a non-lethal bow. The arriw of said bow is coated in the team's chief color and anyone hit by the arrow - whether they be on the opposing team or on the archer's own team - will be eliminated until the next half.
In order to gain points, at least one member of a team must remain on the platform. Additional points are given for every other member of the team that is left. A total of 30 points is needed to win the game. Any score over 30 results in an immediate end to the game. There are four roles a player can take:

  • Grand Striker - The Grand Striker stands on the highest platform on the rim of the arena and is the only player with a longbow. Their goal is to knock off the opposing teams players or the other Grand Striker. If this player is knocked off their platform then a point is deducted from the team.
  • Breaker - There are always two for every team. The role of the Breaker is to protect the Grand Striker and knock opponents off the platform. They do not have a bow.
  • Breacher - The four Breachers use arm braces to knock down opponents and are the only players allowed to jump onto other platforms.
  • Striker - Two other archers stand on platforms adjacent to the Grand Striker. They are not allowed to move. Their main goal is to knock all of the opposing team's members off the platform and into the sand pit.