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Liigligga Games
Native name
Liigligga Moske
IndustryVideo games
FoundedFebruary 3, 1986 (1986-02-03) in Diɂahnooy, Achiyitqana
HeadquartersTigáatgiaqits, Achiyitqana
ProductsConsoles and video games
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Liigligga (Achiyitqan: /li:glɪg:a/) is an Achiyitqan company best known for its eponymous handheld video consoles and some of its best-selling titles such as Shabeskeishu. It is well-known in Achiyitqana and some surrounding countries, and some of its products have enjoyed moderate global success.

The name liigligga means "light sibling" in the Achiyitqan language, liig- 'light' being a common prefix for electronic and digital goods.

Liigligga was incorporated in 1986 and has produced hundreds of millions of handheld units and game cartridges.