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Mizar of the Komans
Ashar Imperial Coat of Arms.png
Emperor Mishanli.png
Mishanli Ashar
since 12 October 1994
StyleHis Imperial Majesty
Heir apparentPrince-Commander Shakan, Mazar of Yazeran
First monarchAshar

The Asharid emperor is the supreme head of state of the Imperial State of Komania. The Asharid dynasty is the founder of several empires, most prominently, the Great Horde, which held authority over much of eastern Vaniua for more than 250 years. Today, the emperor holds the ceremonial title of Mîzaremîzara meaning 'emperor of emperors', however, the title of Mizar is currently held as the title of state. Later emperors ruled over the Ashar realm, including the Balak Empire under the Balak-led cadet branch of the Zonkamâ.

Great Horde

Later Asharid states

Succesion disputes and historical claimants

List of Great Horde Emperors

Period Portrait Titular Name Honorary Title Birth Reign Death
Aşarnaş 1 Emperor Ashar.png Ashar
(Emperor of emperors)
The Great, all Rightful, Saviour and Defender of God
Ha-khazyar shej kharemhə majat yər usadiyan Haṣağa
2 September 1278 Shanshanim, Vogia 9 July 1289 – 16 November 1338 16 November 1338 (aged 60) Samadar, Komania
Aşarnaş 2 [[File:|106x106px]]
Aşarnaş 1 Emperor Yahsagh.png Yahsagh
(Wise of the Wisest)
Grand Saviour, Seeker and Devotee of God and Knowledge
Khazmajat ghizəyen yər boşuyan Haṣağa yər shabâğaz
4 February 1328 Shahdar, Komania 24 June 1352 – 2 October 1377 12 December 1377 (aged 49) Damazar, Torosha
Aşarnaş 4 [[File:|106x106px]]
Shughşudarnaş 5 [[File:|106x106px]]
Shughşudarnaş 6 [[File:|106x106px]]
Shughşudarnaş 7 [[File:|106x106px]]
Shughşudarnaş 8 [[File:|106x106px]]
Maztarkhanaş 9 [[File:|106x106px]]
Maztarkhanaş 10 [[File:|106x106px]]
Maztarkhanaş 11 [[File:|106x106px]]
Najakharnaş 12 [[File:|106x106px]]
Najakharnaş 13 [[File:|106x106px]]
Najakharnaş 14 [[File:|106x106px]]
Hajamaknaş 15 [[File:|106x106px]]
Hajamaknaş 16 Emperor Hadjamak.png Hadjamak
(Rage of God)
4 March 1566 Samadar, Komania 12 July 1611 – 8 November 1642 8 November 1642 (aged 76) Samadar, Komania
Hajamaknaş 17 [[File:|106x106px]]
Hajamaknaş 18 [[File:|106x106px]]

Note: The Asharid emperors practiced polygamy, although only their wives were recognized, many emperors held several concubines to increase their chance of producing an heir. Generally, it was considered advantageous to have as many children as possible to lay a stronger claim to the throne, making the Asharid lineage difficult to trace accurately.

List of emperors of the Ashar Mizarate

List of emperors of the Imperial State

Portrait Titular Name Honorary Title Birth Reign Death
1 Emperor Tamshahsar 2.png
2 Emperor Hodjemiz.png
3 Emperor Shughdamiz.png
4 Emperor Sawirakhas.png
5 Emperor Hatamzar.png
6 Emperor Fadhamiz.png
7 Emperor Tajimiz.png
8 Emperor Mishanli.png Mishanli
4 March 1967 Samadar, Komania 12 October 1994 – Now

Family tree of Asharid emperors

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