List of internet TLDs

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A top-level domain (TLD) is a two-letter suffix that is added at the end of the web address to identify the country of origin or generic website purpose on the Internet. Countries with access to the internet and that have a government body that regulates website registrations may have a TLD specific to the country. There are also many multi-purpose TLDs for global use.

Regional TLDs

Country TLD Notes/Explanation
 Algazi Union .ha
 Astalva .av
 Azerin .az
 Balakia .bl
 Bosato .bo
 Bavkïrak .bk
 Danshapu .da
 Dhwer .dh
 Farmosh .ml
 Faźulavaz .fl
 Gushlia .gs
 Lugida .lg
 Mablag .mg
 Mbamigi .mb
 Nolcik .no
 Osteria .os
 Quaxin Xun .qx
 Riyana .ry
 Rosland .rs
 Sanmra .sn
 Soptemia .sm
 Temay .ty
 Translira .tr
 Tuanmali .tn
 Veridia .vr
 Xynderland .xl

Generic TLDs

Usage TLD Notes/Explanation
International .sa From Sahar
International - Boroso .br From Boroso