List of rulers of Barradiwa

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The following article lists the various rulers of Barradiwa, including rulers of Ekuostia and Dzimur.

The Ten Dynasties

According to South Halarian canon, there have been ten dynasties that ruled from Palace City. However, only eight of these dynasties can be verified to have existed; the first two have much circumstantial evidence of their existence, but much of what we know of them was only first mentioned in later South Halarian canon. History classes in Barradiwa usually treat the first two dynasties as an extension of teaching about South Halarian canon, then handle the remaining eight as actual historical factions.

  • Baroít
  • Kasáta
  • Ekuost
  • Mánísut
  • Duástor
  • Gyetnem
  • Íkoímbet
  • Yobátmás
  • Olboros
  • Eíkatsá