List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Boroso

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The list below entails all fully and partially recognized states and territories in Boroso. There are currently 18 fully recognized territories within Boroso and 3 dependencies.

Subdivisions and delineation

Boroso is divided into Upper Boroso and Lower Boroso, with the border between the two conventionally being drawn north of the Gulan Sea.

This list includes territories on the Borosan Plate as part of Boroso proper, which includes the mainland and its surrounding islands. The Mbamigi Archipelago is geographically part of Nagu as it is located on the Alpa-Nagu Plate, but is geopolitically considered as part of Boroso.

Countries and dependencies

Recognized states

Flag Map Short and formal names Domestic short and formal names Capital Population Area
The Royal Republic of the Bavkirs
Taara: Bavkïrak
Ta Humurï Bavkïridan Tǡdan
Wuluuð Ça 53,082,900
Dhwer Flag 2.png
Dhwer locator map.png
United Kingdom of Dhwer and Penkrot
Dhwer: Ðwer bem Penkrut KeHarl 110,422,300
Fadalh flag.png
Fadalh locator map.png
Fádalh Fádallan: Páadtal Biyasin (Biidíasiin) 9,873 365 square kilometres (141 sq mi)
LHA Lhavres Flag.png
The Federal Republic of Lhavres
Kavrinian: Lhavrëšnhë
Lhavrëšnhë önh Haanelhätuucsa
Nögrëyaa 262,085,250 3,493,712 square kilometres (1,348,930 sq mi)
Mbamigi flag.png
Mbamigi locator.png
Republic of the Mbamigi Islands
Mbamigi: B̃amigi
Zaigali B̃amigi Naegub̃u
Ndoone 'Age 881,065
Mwamba Flag.png
Mwamba locator.png
Mwambo-Sangmian Union
Ṡivowotü 94,145,144 576,964 square kilometres (222,767 sq mi)
Flag of the Norgasek Republic.png
Norgasek Republic
Soyagir: Norgasekot
Nolkavat Norgaseki
Kema 35,004,204
Qazania (Khaazland)
Qaldic Republic of Qazania
Qazan: Qazańśasta Qazańśasta
Qazańśastasy Qaldaýquwum Towuzördeśe Qazańśastasy Qaldaýquwum Towuzördeśe
Shalfara: Qaazaq Qaazaq
Qaazaqul Qaldaýquwan Taamördeek
Qaazaqul Qaldaýquwan Taamördeek
Jalsatyń 43,531,921
Republic of Taanttu
Taanttu: Taantu Hayaf 31,080,500
Tuanmali flag.png
Independent Union of Tuanmali Republics
Azen: Tuanmali Wīcos 33,690,815 831,119 square kilometres (320,897 sq mi)
The Kingdom of Urabor
Aldahnten: Ürabȍȍr
Qlau hn Ürabȍȍr
Üdgänen 35,507,857 397,638 square kilometres (153,529 sq mi)

* Mbamigi is geographically part of Nagu, but is geopolitically and culturally part of Boroso.


Flag Map Short and formal names Domestic short and formal names Capital Population Area Dependency of
Lorimer flag 2.png
State of Lorimer
Lestzi: Lórimer Makwidek Letzia
Free State of the New Pthalk Islands
Lestzi: Ptalk Kleftu Letzia
Terminian Far West Terminia